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Jim DiMarzo - Riverwind Real Estate Specialist


Jim DiMarzo - Riverwind Vero Beach Real Estate SpecialistJim has been a real estate broker in Vero Beach since 1986 and a resident of Riverwind. Jim DiMarzo is handling the sale of homes in Riverwind, Vero Beach. He and his wife have lived in Riverwind since 2005. “It’s perfect for us”, says Jim. “We designed it, Dennis built it, and we love it. I cannot think of a better way to live in Vero Beach than to live here and to play Hawk’s Nest, which is located a few minutes’ drive from our door. In fact, EVERYTHING is 5 minutes from our door. It’s Vero’s best location!”

5 minutes from our door.
It’s Vero’s best location!"

“In addition, we have had 5 Grand Harbor families move to Riverwind within the past two years. They kept their memberships at Grand Harbor and have loved living here”.

“I have worked with Dennis as an independent broker for more than 25 years. I have enjoyed every one of the nearly 100 homes we’ve helped people design and build. Dennis simply doesn’t disappoint. I am thrilled with the chance to help finish Riverwind and to help find our last few neighbors”.

Jim has won multiple national awards for client service and savings. His clients have referred him to their friends and co-workers, and he has enjoyed a consistent flow of new and repeat clients because of his ability to perform in a highly successful and professional manner.


Are you interested in a Riverwind Vero Beach House? Take a look at available Riverwind house models and contact Jim DiMarzo if you have any questions.